Jewel House

Jewel House is a hybrid performance-sound installation conceived and developed by Ellery Royston and Eric Zambrano. The 24-hour performance follows the dissolving psyche of two individuals. “As two young lovers decide to begin their life together by building a house, they unknowingly unleash forces more powerful than themselves and are drawn into the cosmic cycle of life and death.”

The soundtrack to the piece is comprised of many different elements- live and recorded, synthetic and acoustic, found sounds, field recordings, were utilized to create a supernatural, ephemeral aural landscape.  Much of the live music originated from extended improvisations, while the recorded sounds resulted from extensive digital manipulations.  For one section, an old recording of a possessed woman was quickly looped and overlapped with itself at different speeds and durations. Her speech patterns create a sonic bed of changing rhythms and textures.  For the overture section, a field recording was filtered through a crude FFT ‘mask’.  At times it seems as if the digital make up of the recording was dissolving and reassembling bit by bit.

Co-written & developed with Ellery Royston